Canine Fitness Centre: Where We Help Your Dog Live Long & Strong

It would be easy to assume that the rise in sedentary lifestyles impacts only humans in today’s society. Unfortunately, the impact can also be seen in pets : and when pets gain weight, they often gain a slew of health problems. That is why it is important to get your pets their exercise. The folks at Canine Fitness Centre in Brisbane, Queensland, understand that it is not always easy to get your dog on their daily walk, and we are here to make life easier for you and your dog.

How the Fitness Centre Works

Memberships to the fitness centre work two ways.

For the person with a little more time on their hands, we offer the silver membership. This membership offers you unlimited access to the fitness centre, where you can bring your pup to play by itself in owner-supervised places like the romper room: an indoor dog park. While Fido runs around, you can get that phonecall for work made, or pay a few bills — saving you time and money. Additionally, it also offers you 10 monthly¬†staff-supervised sessions, where members of our staff help your dog in our therapeutic pools, on the treadmills, and licensed rehabilitation monitors help your dog get fit after it has been through medical stress.

The Gold Membership, for only a little bit more, offers you unlimited staff-supervised access to all of our fitness centre features. This is especially ideal for the dog who might need a little more help on its path toward a healthy lifestyle, or who may need therapy to help heal and perform like before.

Activities We Offer

Additionally, you may also sign up per class for our weekly classes in lieu of obtaining a membership. Please contact our office in order to get the most recent list of classes.

  • Heated Pool: We do offer a heated pool with staff-supervised activities. All pool staff are trained in dog life-saving procedures. Additionally, our heated pools are filled with minerals to help aid in any muscle strains or other health issues your dog may have.
  • Treadmills: We offer both traditional and water treadmills. While the traditional treadmill is optimal for weight management, the aqua treadmill is a good rehabilitation exercise.
  • Romper Room Indoor Dog Park: The Romper Room is owner supervised with staff assistance, and is an indoor dog park for your dog to strengthen its social skills and to get exercise.
  • Senior Classes: We realize that senior dogs cannot get the same sort of exercise that younger dogs can, therefore we offer a wide array of senior classes that are designed to keep your old dog fit and healthy.
  • Rehabilitation: Getting your dog fit doesn’t always meaning helping your dog lose weight. For those dogs who have just had major medical procedures, we do offer rehab services.

For any questions, or to set up a new membership, please contact us. We look forward to meeting you and your dog!